Dog Training Help – Terms & Conditions


By Enrolling in a Dog Training Help Event, I the Guardian of the Enrolled dog(s), state that I have read, understood and agree to the Dog Training Help Terms and Conditions detailed in this document.


For the purpose of this agreement:

  1. “Dog Training Help” means: Dog Training Help and its staff, contractors, sub-contractors, agents or any person engaged by Dog Training Help.
  2. “Guardian” includes owner(s), caregiver(s) or any persons entrusted to attend Dog Training Help Events with the Enrolled dog(s).
  3. “Enrolled” means having completed application and commenced payment for an Event, including agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
  1. “Events” include any service package provided by Dog Training Help, at any Venue including in public online, at a private residence, or at a third party facility. This includes but is not limited to classes, private consultations, appointments and workshops.
  1. “Venue” includes any private, public or online space used for the purpose of running an Event including group classes and private sessions.
  1. “Enrolled dog” means a dog whose Event enrolment process is complete and has been accepted for that Event.

Terms and Conditions:


1. You, the Guardian(s) acknowledge that your success in training during and after attending an Event is dependent upon your commitment to integrate training practices into your lives outside of the Event(s).

2. To complete Enrolment, the form providing dog or puppy details must be completed and submitted by the Guardian to Dog Training Help for consideration. Omission or incorrect information may result in you receiving less than optimal advice about your dog’s training needs. Omitting or providing false information may result in expulsion from an Event without refund.

3. You are responsible for communicating any issue, incident or problem that you feel needs to be addressed in relation to an Event or the conduct of Dog Training Help. For example: a mobility issue; or something you aren’t comfortable with happening in a class. If you do not choose to communicate or advise Dog Training Help of an issue, you accept that no service or assistance will be provided to rectify it or cater to your needs.

4. Dog Training Help endeavours to create and maintain safe environments at all Events. However, Guardians agree to release Dog Training Help from all liability for injury, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal or person whilst attending a Dog Training Help Event.

5. Very occasionally, we will ask you to switch class time or location. This is to facilitate the best experience for your puppy or dog, and to optimise their social interactions and learning.

6. Dog Training Help reserves the right to refuse to admit any dog or human to any Event or Venue, for any reason, at any time. This is for the safety and welfare of our clients (dogs and humans).


7. You may contact Dog Training Help at any time. Expect to hear back within 48 hours. Our contact details are:

  • Email:
  • Voice / text: 0403164748

8. You, the Guardian, require access to email, mobile phone and an internet connection. If you do not have access to these, you will not be able to participate in Dog Training Help Events, as our communication and information are provided through these channels.

9. All media recordings (including photos, videos and sound) of Events are the property of Dog Training Help. You may not share or post media recorded from an Event to any external / social media platforms other than the private Group created by Dog Training Help for the purpose of sharing with other Enrolled dog Guardians.

10. Sometimes Dog Training Help will record video of an Event for the purpose of reviewing or for marketing purposes. If you do not wish images of your dog / puppy to be used in the public domain by Dog Training Help, let us know in writing prior to an Event, and in person when you arrive.

11. Images may not be taken of people (particularly children) at Events. Some people have privacy and safety issues. Nor should other Event attendees be asked to allow you to collect images of them or their family. Our group classes should be private and safe spaces for all people. (These restrictions do not apply if you meet up with Guardians outside of Dog Training Events / Venues.)



12. Dog vaccination or titre documents, signed by a veterinarian, must be sighted by Dog Training Help prior to the commencement of your first in-person Event. A minimum of the “core vaccines” is required (often called “C3”). Kennel Cough vaccine is also highly recommended. Pups are only required to have had their first dose of core vaccines prior to in-person puppy Events.

13. Failing to provide evidence of vaccination of your puppy may result in you being turned away from your first in-person class.

14. For the safety of all puppies (even if yours is now fully vaccinated), your Enrolled puppy may not visit places where un-vaccinated dogs may have soiled the environment prior to in-person puppy classes !!! To avoid life-threatening illness, pups should not be in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces or unknown dogs until several days after their final puppy vaccines. Note that Venues used for puppy classes (pre final vaccine) are cleaned to eliminate pathogens and keep pups safe.

15. You, the Guardian, agree to be solely responsible for any and all things or acts done by your Enrolled dog, and any other animals in your charge that are also present, howsoever resulting, while the animal is in the care of Dog Training Help or present at our Venue. This includes financial responsibility for any resulting costs, loss or damage.

16. You , the Guardian, understand that when at a Venue, there is risk of exposure to infections and parasites, including kennel cough and parvovirus. Dog Training Help uses best practice disinfection and cleaning to minimise this risk at puppy Venues, but cannot guarantee prevention of entry of infectious agents. You, the Guardian, will not hold Dog Training Help liable for any losses or costs involved in treatments for diseases or infections.

17. If your dog has been showing signs of illness (eg. repeated coughing, runny nose or eyes, severe head shaking, diarrhoea, vomiting), advise Dog Training Help prior to attending any in-person session. If you are unable to advise prior, do not come to the Event.

18. Your dog may react badly after eating food or other items at the Venue. You, the Guardian, will not hold Dog Training Help liable for any costs involved in treatments for allergies or ailments that may result. You must inform your instructor (and remind them if needed) if your dog has known food intolerance or allergy.


19. Your health and that of your family is your responsibility. Dog Training Help does not require any person to supply human health records. It is assumed that you have made informed decisions and will act responsibly to promote health and wellness within the Dog Training Help community.

20. You must stay home from an Event if you are showing signs of a contagious illness such as cold, ‘flu, or COVID-19. This helps assure protection for people who have immune disorders, or who may be more susceptible to severe illness than you.

21. Long trousers and closed-in, non-slip footwear are strongly recommended at all Events and Venues. You accept all responsibility and liability for any injury to yourself or others if you choose less protective clothing, or wear footwear that may cause you or others to fall or trip.


22. Puppy Events are to be paid in full at least one day prior to the first session / class.

23. Day-School, Seriously Fun Dogs and other Events may be paid in full; otherwise they require a minimum, non-refundable deposit of $500 to be paid at the time of booking. The balance may be paid in instalments.

24. Cash payments are not accepted. You may enquire about the use of direct debit or payment plans, which may be offered on a case-by-case basis.

25. If you are unable to attend one or more in-person group sessions or private appointments, you must let Dog Training Help know prior to the session. A recorded online instructional video will be provided in-lieu of a missed in-person session. Alternatively, if spaces are available, the session may be rescheduled which will incur a fee of $30.

26. Events (whole courses / programs) may be rescheduled subject to availability, and if pups are still within age limits. This will incur a $30 processing fee.

27. Events must be completed within 28 days of their original, agreed final session time. Any remaining number of sessions that were not attended will not be refunded.

28. Events (whole courses / programs) may be cancelled:

  • within one day prior to starting, and will not be refunded;
  • within the second day before start, and will incur a 25% cancellation fee and refund of 75% of the Event value;
  • three days or more prior to start, and will be refunded, less a $30 processing fee.

29. If you are dissatisfied at any time after you have begun to use Dog Training Help services, you may request a refund. This may be provided on a pro rata basis at the sole discretion of Dog Training Help. No refund will be given after the scheduled completion of the Event or service.

30. Any factor beyond our control may result in a change to the planned Event schedule (eg. inclement weather, extreme temperatures, facilitators being ill, government mandated restrictions.) Dog Training Help may opt to:

  • provide a live online, or a recorded instructional video, in-lieu of a cancelled in-person session; or
  • reschedule the in-person session.

Rescheduling can result in a change to your final session date (eg. a week later at the same time and day of the week). Refunds will not be provided if you are unable to attend a rescheduled in-person group session. Please allow for this possibility when organising your work schedule etc.

31. Dog Training Help will make every effort to advise you of a reschedule or cancellation via text and/or email at least 1 hour prior to the start of a session. You must ensure that you have provided Dog Training Help with your correct mobile number and / or email when you Enrol. Check your mobile and / or email prior to departing for an Event. Dog Training Help is not liable for any loss or expense incurred for attendance of a cancelled Event.

By Enrolling in a Dog Training Help Event, I the Guardian of the Enrolled dog(s), state that I have read, understood and agree to the Dog Training Help Terms and Conditions detailed in this document.