I love learning about dog training

I’m stoked, Susan Garrett has decided to offer a free course. I’m in! 🙂 (It’ll help offset the $100+ I spent on a professional animal training text a few months ago.) Susan does good online courses.

New dog training class at Billy’s

I’m adding a new level to my Sunday class schedule. Starting 19th of July, 4 weeks of clicker fun and learning advanced training techniques. Held at Billy’s Day-Care for Dogs. billys_logoAll dogs with basic obedience skills welcome to apply. 🙂 Phone the girls during business hours on 9478 2000 to book a place.

Good stuff from the wider web

I love this summary of “dominance” in dogs. Says it all succinctly and accurately.

Fixing up a web if info

My web site is brand-y new and as I polish off the structure, there will be extra bits of info posted here. Eventually, there will be online course type stuff. Stay tuned. 🙂