Loose leash walking tips

I will be developing a couple of online dog training courses shortly. One of them will help you through the intensive first stages of this high-level skill. Loose leash walking needs to become your obsession for at least 7 days to develop the skills and transfer them into every day life.

Here’s a great short video from Kikopup with some tips that you may like:

The training terminology dilemma

I read a lot of training information, particularly the science-based operant conditioning stuff. As with many “new” areas of discovery, our language did not come pre-populated with words that fit the new concepts. Old words have been given new, specific meanings in order for the scientists to communicate effectively. Imporant examples are the crucial terms “reinforcement” and “punishment”. They have very different usages in common speech and when discussing operant conditioning.

This poses a big problem when someone tries to explain the science to someone who isn’t in on these secret code words!

The dilemma is in how to handle this issue. A lot of hands-on animal trainers just ignore the discrepancy when talking to their peers, and hope they are understood in light of the context. They may either hope that new people will take the hint, or they dumb down their language and oversimplify. Neither of those sit well with me.

I particularly like Jakk Pankespp’s approach to the use of common words as scientific desriptors.

New digs for dog training help

We’ve had an offer accepted and are looking forward to our own home in Swan View. Not too many swans around, but there’s a park across the road, which we have a nice view of.

We’re looking forward to settlement and hoping for a smooth move for Perth Raptor Care and Raptor Presentations. In between setting up temporary mews and the hospital, I’ll be doing lots of habituation and counter-conditioning with Amika, the German Shepherd featured in my profile pics.


What is clicker training?

Here’s an awesome short tutorial on how to get started.

If you are having trouble finding a clicker to buy, let me know. I keep spares on hand, and sell for less than $10.