New Dog (Re-)Search Begins

I have decided: it is time to plan for a second dog!
I will look for a dog to be a good helper & demo dog for my basic pet obedience training classes & private sessions. Of course, they’ll need to be a great companion and house dog to join in with the fun stuff we like to do around here!
Reya, my current dog is a brilliant 6 year old kelpie. She is an awesome demo dog and partner in my work to teach people dog training skills. Reya is very dog social, so I suspect she’ll enjoy a buddy around the house. She’s got a definite preference for playing with boys (though gets on fine with most girls). She does not “do” wrestling play styles. She’s also jealous of human attention. That means I’ll need to plan ahead to make sure the new dog fits in well.
Reya is sensitive (she’s a rescue dog, she’s allowed to be..) and does not like to get barked at or biffed by puppies. 😉 It would be good to have a #2 dog to call on when there’s a large, insensitive pup; or a reactive dog hurling “verbal” abuse that need some serious ignoring or putting up with – without much stress. Again, I’ll need to do my homework to make this a likely outcome.
So I’m on the hunt for a dog with a stable temperament that is dog and people sociable. To get that, a pup has to be well socialised. But to get real confidence and resilience, dogs need the right genetics too. I’m also looking for a dog who can adapt to a variety of play styles, and that tends to be breed specific. My chances of getting a rescue dog that fits all of the above are slim, so looks like I’m going to be choosing a breed, a type within a breed, a breeder and then (gasp!) a puppy!
I run puppy classes. I like puppies! But I tell you what – raising a pup is a daunting idea. :-0 The last time I raised a puppy was back in 2006. I look forward to extreme vigilance, fencing in the house, “surprise” cleanings, interrupted sleep, and things I’d rather not have teeth marks in (including me).. It’s a good thing puppies are so durn cute. 😉

German shep pup

Amika, 2006!

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