Dog Day-School

Your naughty dog gets to spend 4 half-day per week at the dog trainer’s house!

Resident dogs, chillin'

A custom training program is created for your dog during our initial interviews. All training is fear-free, fun, reward focused and science based. This is a fully one-on-one day-stay deal, in a real home, with a professional dog trainer. Your pup returns home to you every day, and you’ll get updates on progress. At the end of each week, we debrief and ensure that you can “take the reins”

Your dog will hang out with dog trainer and friends in the A/C office, go for car rides with the crew and play in the enclosed and safe back yard. Breakfast, treats and toys supplied. Pet taxi can be arranged as needed. And of course – lots of quality, fun learning time! Training, chill time & play are fully supervised.

All ages (including pups) & breeds welcome. This program is not for dogs with major behavioural issues (severe anxiety, aggression etc). It may be a good fit for dogs who have milder issues. At the end of “finishing school” your dog will have solid training that you can use at home. Common skills that people LOVE their dogs to do include:

  • walk nicely without pulling;
  • happily wear safety gear (harness, head halter);
  • greet you without leaping;
  • stay away from snakes (NEW!);
  • come when called; and
  • settle and stay when asked to.

Your application for Day-School starts with a discussion on the phone. I will assess your dog’s needs and, if the program is right for you, we’ll set up an in-person interview. Dates and times will be confirmed during our initial call.

Day Training is on Wednesday to Friday mornings and Sundays in Swan View, Western Australia. Call for more information and to start your application: 0403164748