This Dog Trainer is Certifiable – Officially!

Often when someone says that a person is “certifiable” they are referring to their mental state. Other ways of saying it are “nuts” or “crazy”. While that may be true (I’m kind of obsessed with sciencey animal training stuff), today I’m talking about a real certification. 😉

This week I gained my Certified Professional Animal Trainer – Knowledge Assessed qualification through the International Animal Trainers Certification Board.  I’m very proud of the self-directed study I put in to get ready for the three hour examination. I’m glad I put the time in – there were a few curly ones in the 200 questions I had to answer!

I’m pleased to have a new post nomial too. Verified proof that I know stuff. 😀


Learning New Tricks

This dog (and people) trainer likes to learn new tricks. I’ve just come across a new web site to geek out on. They write about things like building duration by using behaviour chains:

There’s lots of videos a new game to play and tech-speak to keep me entertained. Here’s a quick video of teaching a complex behaviour using a marker signal:

Fortunately for anyone who brings their dog to me for help, I don’t need to go into the technical details to show you good ways to teach stuff. 😀

I love learning about dog training

I’m stoked, Susan Garrett has decided to offer a free course. I’m in! 🙂 (It’ll help offset the $100+ I spent on a professional animal training text a few months ago.) Susan does good online courses.