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Some Good Dog Resources

I have added a page ‘o links to some of the resources that I’m always recommending and using. There’s a variety of learning resources, foods and toys, so hop over and have a look: Awesome Dog Stuff

This Dog Trainer is Certifiable – Officially!

Often when someone says that a person is “certifiable” they are referring to their mental state. Other ways of saying it are “nuts” or “crazy”. While that may be true (I’m kind of obsessed with sciencey animal training stuff), today I’m talking about a real certification. 😉 This week I gained my Certified Professional Animal […]

More Dog Training Conference!

Geek Week finished over the weekend. It was 5 days of ’round the clock online presentations, with lots of high level animal training information. In other words, animal training nerd brain feast. 🙂 I’ll be catching up on presentation recordings over the next couple of weeks!